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1BR 1.0BA
House in Toledo -- 3308 Beaumont 3308 Beaumont Dr., Toledo, OH
4BR 1.0BA
House in Toledo -- 540 Eastern Ave, 540 Eastern Ave,, Toledo, OH
1BR 1.0BA
House in Toledo -- Remodeled 3bd/1ba 1045 Orchard St, Toledo, OH
3 1.0 $695 FAE Properties Available
House in Toledo -- 3308 Beaumont 3308 Beaumont Dr., Toledo, OH
4 1.0 $775 The House Stop, LLC Available
House in Kansas City -- 3509 51st 3509 51st, Kansas City, MO
1 1.0 Contact For Price Forza Property Available
House in Toledo -- 540 Eastern Ave, 540 Eastern Ave,, Toledo, OH
1 1.0 $550 FAE Properties Available
House in Toledo -- 3 bedroom home for rent 173 KINGSWOOD TR, Toledo, OH
1 1.0 $850 The House Stop, LLC Available
House in Toledo -- 104 N Hawley St 104 N Hawley St, Toledo, OH
1 1.0 $625 FAE Properties Available
House in Toledo -- PI 1238 Norwood Avenue, Toledo, OH
3 1.0 $245 FC Management Available
1 1.0 $750 The House Stop, LLC Available
House in Toledo -- 1440 Oakwood Avenue 1440 Oakwood Avenue, Toledo, OH
4 2.0 $245 FC Management Available
House in Toledo -- 4214 N HAVEN 4214 N HAVEN, Toledo, OH
2 1.0 $595 The House Stop, LLC Available
2 1.0 $650 The House Stop, LLC Available
House in Toledo -- 905 Norwood Ave 905 Norwood Ave, Toledo, OH
1 1.0 Contact For Price FAE Properties Available
70118257010745003 bedroom south toledo near airport HwyBeautiful 3 bedroom in South Toledo. Lots of space in this incredibly maintained home. Original wood work throughout. Newer windows, new carpet, freshly painted, fenced in back yard. Security.3267912155 DanaToledoOH4360912017-02-16 19:45:582017-01-30 03:59:45house11.01180750002017-02-19available000141.6325684000000000-83.5966034000000000manualrentalhomepros3-1563695274415757246partner2017-02-23 00:00:000/oh/toledo/5757246-3-bedroom-south-toledo-near-airport-hwy/images/25/28/25289068_640x480.jpg/images/25/28/25289069_640x480.jpg/images/25/28/25289070_640x480.jpg/images/25/28/25289071_640x480.jpg/images/25/28/25289072_640x480.jpg/images/25/28/25289068_640x480.jpglands7012528707929603308 BeaumontGreat 4 bedroom North End home. Hard wood floors upstairs and down, new carpet in living room, fresh paint throughout, new counter tops, awesome 4 bedroom rental, rented section 8 welcome.3239523308 Beaumont Dr.ToledoOH436812017-02-16 20:30:192017-02-04 19:36:39house41.01248775002017-02-19available000141.6833691000000000-83.5178817000000000manualrentalhomepros2-1348207274405777988partner2017-02-23 00:00:000/oh/toledo/5777988-3308-beaumont/images/25/37/25372972_640x480.jpg/images/25/37/25372973_640x480.jpg/images/25/37/25372974_640x480.jpg/images/25/37/25372975_640x480.jpg/images/25/37/25372976_640x480.jpg/images/25/37/25372972_640x480.jpglands7015786708709603 bedroom home for rent3 bedroom remodeled home for rent. Great Location, attached garage, great fenced in back yard. Must See!323929173 KINGSWOOD TRToledoOH4361512017-02-19 19:47:012017-01-31 00:28:37house11.00850002017-02-19available000141.6396065000000000-83.6462784000000000manualrentalhomepros4-1577979274425780192partner2017-02-23 00:00:000/oh/toledo/5780192-3-bedroom-home-for-rent/images/25/38/25382090_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382091_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382092_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382093_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382094_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382090_640x480.jpglands7017144701074500540 Eastern Ave,Looking for exceptional people for exceptional homes. Good credit and steady income, we want to work with you, however, if your credit is less than perfect-NO WORRIES. We have programs designed to help families struggling with bad credit.At FAE Properties we believe every family has the right to a safe, clean house to call their home.Please take the time to fill out our FREE pre-approval application and we will respond immediately: welcome Section 8 and any other government funding.Gorgeous upper 2 bedroom unit with tons of natural light. Recently upgraded kitchenFreshly painted with warm earth-toned color schemes in all rooms with accent walls for a modern "California-style" finish. All of our properties are pet friendly.333386540 Eastern Ave,UpToledoOH4360912017-02-20 20:24:122017-02-02 14:24:12house11.00550002017-02-19available000141.6353836000000000-83.5517426000000000manualrentalhomepros3-1565749274415780278partner2017-02-23 00:00:000/oh/toledo/5780278-540-eastern-ave/images/25/38/25382467_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382468_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382469_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382470_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382471_640x480.jpg/images/25/38/25382467_640x480.jpglands

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